Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mother's Day RAK

Check out the Giveaway over at Naptime Equals Scraptime. There's several ways to win this RAK.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Great Give Away over at The Scrap Farm. Check it out.

I'm kind of sad, I packed my scrapbook stuff tonight, I can still get to some of it but probably won't be doing any more layouts this month, I do have one more that I need to post, hopefully I can get that up tomorrow. Anyways with the scrap stuff put safely away it gives me more time to read up on things online so I'm kind of excited about getting to know people a little more and learning some new things. Ok well, check out the great stash of Imaginisce being given away over at The Scrap Farm, it's awesome!!

Here's a couple pics from my busy Saturday, first we caught the tail end of the Parade and then off to Chuck E Cheese.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A New Layout and I made my own Flowers!!

I did this layout based on a sketch and a challenge from Scrapbook Challenges I also actually made my own flowers lol. Hope you like them, thanks for looking.

A new layout and a quick update....

I was inspired to this 1, 2, 3, 4 challenge from an April Challenge over at Scrapbook Challenges blog. You still have time to get one in, it's not due until the 30th. This one was a lot of fun, You could only use 1 picture, 2 papers, 3 flowers, and 4 buttons on it, I had a lot of fun with it. Go Check it out....

As for my weekend, it's a busy one, getting ready to head out to the Clovis Rodeo Parade this morning, then a 6 year olds birthday at Chuck E Cheese and then home to spend the afternoon finishing up the packing and cleaning for the move and hoping to squeeze in some scrap time for the end of the month. Thanks for looking my two faithful followers and whomever may pop in from time to time, Ireally could use some more followers.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


This is another layout that was inspired while participating in the blog hop, over at the cuttlebug spot they wanted bling and glitter, this was a little out of my norm, I don't usually do glittery blingy layouts but I've been looking for a chance to use this glittery butterfly lace and I think it worked pretty good with this Princess Michelle picture. lol thanks for looking and go check out the cuttlebug spot.

Start Your Engine

Here's my take on Sketchy Thursdays sketch for the Spring Blog Hop, check out the blog here sketchy thursdays.

Here You Go!

As you all know, I've been doing the blog hop over at Practical Scrappers well, this is part of it. I was inspired to do this lo of my husband hand feeding the geese at the park by a Practical Scrappers sketch, check it out here practical scrappers sketches.
TFL!! I have a few more layouts to post from the other blogs that are participating in the hop.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Night, Thanks Audra!!

Well, it's been a busy week, we got an apartment that we are really happy with, now to pack up and get moved over by the 30th and I've been participating in the blog hop over at Practical Scrappers, I have so much to do by tomorrow for the blog hop. Oh and thank you to Audra over at for helping turn my blog into a beautiful blog rather than just a plain one. Ok, I'm going to run and scrap with my daughter, maybe pump out a couple more layouts. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy Week, looking for an apartment and a Blog Hop!

This week there is an awesome blog hop going on over at Practical Scrappers, you should check it out, there are several different ways to win great prizes and so many inspiring project ideas, I'm excited to get out of my box and try some cards, some poetry based scrapping and some other challenges, go check it out.

On top of the blog hop, the apartment we were scheduled to move into fell through so the hubby and I are going to be out looking for new ones and yes Audra we are going to try and stay a little closer to this side of town if we can find all the amenities we want and need for a reasonable price. Happy Scrapping All. Catch ya'll later.

Ingeborg's Scrapbooking Competitions April Pagemaps Sketch

I was inspired to do this layout from Ingeborg's Scrapbooking Competitons April 2010 Pagemaps Sketch. These are photos that my friend Amy took at the Fort Smith airport while they were waiting to say bye to my husband after he had spent a few days at their house visiting. I used jenni bowlin paper, a piece of resist card stock which I loved and I had fun making my little embellies out of buttons, felt, cardboard, and scrappers floss. TFL.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Do you see it?

I did this layout for Sketch Inspirations #118. I love these pics of my hubby and Bret at the Discovery Center. We spent the day out doors earlier this month and here they were trying to catch a glimpse of the snapping turtles. No matter how quiet they were the turtles would see them and jump back in the pond. We had a great day, I took over 300 pictures that day so there will definitely be more layouts of our day outdoors to come. Now off to get more scrapping done.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just a Quick Shout Out!!

It doesn't look like I'm going to have time to scrap tonight. )-: Doing a little quick packing, going to have dinner with the hubby at work and then coming home to do a little more packing. Hoping to get in some scrap time this weekend. There are a couple sketches I seen that I'd really like to try, like the one over at Sketch Inspirations, Nikki Sivils April Sketch Challenge, These Are a Few of My Favorite Things, Ingeborg's Scrapbooking Competitions, and a couple more I can't think of off the top of my head. I am trying to check out all the blogs I can every chance I get. Hope everyone has a good Friday, I'll be seeing ya!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sketchy Thursdays Entry and My day SO far....

Here's a sketch of My Daisy Dog for Sketchy Thursdays 4.1 sketch. I flipped it on the side so it worked with my picture, used some mist, some ribbon, and some chipboard.
I really had fun with this, thanks for the papers Audra, they worked out great....

Ok. now this so I'm all nervous because I have to go have this Thyroid Biopsy thing done because they found these four "spots" but I been trying to stay way busy and not think about so I get down to Kaiser, all by myself wait 15 to 20 minutes and they tell me it will be two hours before the doctor might be able to get me in, needless to say I have once again rescheduled. lol. oh well, I like Kaiser, I'll just try not to think about it for the next 15 or so days. Ok, hope everyone's Tuesday is better than my started. I did get this layout finished though, TFL I'm off to work.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Layout inspired by Ingeborg's Scrapbooking Competitions March Sketch!

I had a lot of fun with this sketch from Ingeborg's Scrapbooking Competitions in March but I wasn't able to get it uploaded in time but that's ok, it made for a great page. I made my little embellies out of felt, cardboard, buttons and thread.

Happy Easter!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter and post a couple of our fun egg hunting pics with my brother and his family. These are a few of my favorite shots. Michelle with Shane's elmo basket. Shane was traveling all over his backyard, he's such a cutie. In that 5th pic Michelle found her last egg which took forever and in the 6th one Michelle and Shane are accompanied by Audra's furbabies Kara and Wylie. Also I put a pick of my husbands son Chandler and his cousins enjoying their Easter. TFL.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A New Place!!

Well, haven't posted anything in awhile because we've been hunting for a new apartment, I am happy to say that we have found one, and it's super nice!! I'm so excited, more room, a patio type thing for the dog, a view of the water and two bathrooms!! yay!! I'm super excited about the more room but another perk is that I can go out on my patio and feed the ducks in my pj's if I want!! There's a fitness center, saunas, indoor heated pool.....oh I'm so overwhelmed, wish I could move tonight!! The only down side is I'm moving a little farther from my sweet nephew and my scrap buddy!! Sorry Audra but I will still come see you and you can still come see me, we can have still have our little outings. Ok, gotta go pay some bills so I can come home and get scrapping. I have attached some fun photos of my scrap buddy Audra(sis-in-law) and my sweet nephew Shane who loves chipotle guacamole and Starbucks black tea with 8 pumps of classic. lol I also put one of my dog Daisy, just because I like the photo and she's the reason we're moving lol. Happy Friday All!!