Friday, April 2, 2010

A New Place!!

Well, haven't posted anything in awhile because we've been hunting for a new apartment, I am happy to say that we have found one, and it's super nice!! I'm so excited, more room, a patio type thing for the dog, a view of the water and two bathrooms!! yay!! I'm super excited about the more room but another perk is that I can go out on my patio and feed the ducks in my pj's if I want!! There's a fitness center, saunas, indoor heated pool.....oh I'm so overwhelmed, wish I could move tonight!! The only down side is I'm moving a little farther from my sweet nephew and my scrap buddy!! Sorry Audra but I will still come see you and you can still come see me, we can have still have our little outings. Ok, gotta go pay some bills so I can come home and get scrapping. I have attached some fun photos of my scrap buddy Audra(sis-in-law) and my sweet nephew Shane who loves chipotle guacamole and Starbucks black tea with 8 pumps of classic. lol I also put one of my dog Daisy, just because I like the photo and she's the reason we're moving lol. Happy Friday All!!

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